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Our Instructors

Dr.Fares Omran

Public Law

Ph.D., in Public Law, International arbitrator and university professor of law at Cairo University

Abdulfattah Diab

Restructuring expert

Master in Financial Management. And its topic “The impact of financial expansion on the profitability of industrial companies.”

Dr.Ahmed Algabry

Professor of Accounting

Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting, Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University.

Dr.Haitham Hamed

Business management

International Instructor of Quality, Leadership and Management in UK, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Gulf Countries, Professional Training In AGFA Belgium, Professional Participant in DRUPA, Dusseldorf, Germany 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, Management Consultant for some Establishments

Dr.Nader Nada

Information Technology

Ph.D., Information Technology and Management, University of Georgia-Mason USA.

Dr.Mohammed Fathi

Administrative expert

Administrative expert – Dar Al-Masdar for Publishing and Distribution – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr.Waleed Fares

Nonlinear Dynamics

Ph.D., (Nonlinear Dynamics), Virginia Tech. 2003

Dr.Adnan M .Al-Sada

Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Human Resource Management

Eslam Elwardany

Training Specialist

Professional trainer in business management and human development.
He is one of the designers of the most famous program in the Middle East, Gate of Success.

Obada Ahmed

Business Consultant

Obada Ahmed is a Business Consultant. He is helping, passionately and wisely, organizations to make the leap in both business and human performance.

Dr.Abdullah Ibrahim

Environmental Management

MBA, Cairo University 2012 ,Diploma in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Ain Shams University, Cairo 2009.

Tala’at Abdulhafidh

Training Specialist

Specialist at the training center headed by the Central Agency for Control and Accounting.

Sami Albana

IBDL International License

International accreditation certificate in the training field IBDL.

Dr.Mosab AL-Rashdan

Managerial Accounting

PhD Candidate (Managerial Accounting), University of Malaysia.

Mr. Ahmed Mostafa

Training and development consultant

Mr. Ahmed Mostafa has been working for national organizations for over 20 years including Telecom Egypt. Currently, he is a Business Owner for Vertical Integration Consultancy “One of the Training & Consulting Companies in Bahrain”.

Amro Alsayed


Learning & Development Expert, Trainer and Material Developer.

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