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Strategic Management

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Duration: 16 Hours
Level: Beginner
    • The course emphasizes the value and process of strategic management. In addition to familiarizing trainees with new subject matter, they are expected to integrate and apply their prior learning to strategic decision making in organizations.
    • The Strategic Management course is designed to explore an organization’s vision, mission, examine principles, techniques and models of organizational and environmental analysis, discuss the theory and practice of strategy formulation and implementation such as corporate governance and business ethics for the development of effective strategic leadership.

Developing and Aligning Strategy and Operations  

  • What is Strategy and Why is it important?
  • Practical Work and Discussion – how to analyze our business?
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Financial and Non-financial Analysis of our Organization
  • Practical Work and Discussion – SWOT and the Strategy Matrix
  • Alignment of Strategic and Operational Management

Producing a Strategic Plan that Gets Implemented  

  • Framework of a Strategic Plan
  • Practical Work and Discussion – a real-life example of a strategic plan
  • How to Setup and Lead a Strategic Planning Team
  • Implementation – How to break down the plan and get it done
  • Dynamic Planning as a continuous process
  • Writing a Personal Action Plan for the Next Stage
  • By the end of this course participants will be able to:

    • Design a strategic plan for their division or team
    • Guide their division or team in effective implementation
    • Identify the forces for change and development in their business
    • Create and leverage effective supply chain relationships
    • Understand and apply financial and non-financial techniques of strategic management
  • This is designed for a wide range of experienced managers and team leaders.  It will greatly benefit the following:

    • Operational and Logistics Planners
    • Business Development Specialists
    • Accounting and Financial Managers
    • Human Resource Specialists
    • Engineering, Scientific and Administrative Specialists

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